Dirt Bike Dubai

Dirt Bike Dubai, the most thrilling Motocross desert dune adventure tours.

Dirt Bike Dubai

Dirt Bike Dubai Explore the best motocross desert tours in Dubai. with exciting twists and turns to speed up the trails and hit Dubai. When the bike jumps in the air, the bike spins across the desert and awaits your spine-chilling dirt bike adventure on Dubai tours. 

Great sand and off-road tracks are out there with unlimited fun. So pack your work, relax a bit and ride on a guided tour with Dirt Bike Dubai. We’re here on trails for adventurers. A perfect location for your outdoor escape. Get easy access to the untouched wilderness of the desert. Just visit us and you’ll be equipped with every bit you need to cruise the tracks. We also offer our own fleet of off-road rentals in Dubai.

Dirt bike Rental Dubai

dirt bike dubai

KTM 450cc 2022 model

1-hour Duration
All Safety Equipment
Experienced Tour Guide Helmet, Goggles, and Gloves

AED 550

(1302 votes) 5.0
dirt bike dubai (2)

KTM 450cc 2022 model

2-hour Duration
All Safety Equipment
Experienced Tour Guide Helmet, Goggles, and Gloves

AED 850

(1566 votes) 5.0
dirt bike dubai (3)

KTM 450cc 2022 model

3-hour Duration
All Safety Equipment
Experienced Tour Guide Helmet, Goggles, and Gloves

AED 1350

(1030 votes) 5.0
dirt bike training

Special Training

2-hour Duration
All Safety Equipment
Experienced Tour Guide, Helmet, Goggles, and Gloves

AED 999

(2355 votes) 5.0

What we provide you


New model Motorbikes KTM 450cc SF-X

Safety Protection

Helmet, Goggles, Body armor, Knee pads, Jersey, Trousers, Gloves and Safety riding boots.

Bottle Water

Packs of cold Water Bottles are provided with tour.

Comfort after the tour

Bathrooms with Showers

Full access to our bathrooms and showers. Soap, shampoo are available in the bathrooms.

Free car parking for customers

We have private parking area for all types of vehicles. CCTV monitored.

Waiting Room

You can sit and relax in our comfortable air-conditioned room.

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Dirt bike Dubai

Dirt bike Dubai motocross riding is the best and most hilarious outdoor desert adventure activity in UAE. Cheap motor, Dirt bike rental in Dubai is available at our company, and there are those who ride for the pure joy of it. I belong to the latter group: I ride my motorcycle for its heart-pounding, pupil-dilating adrenaline rush. I love my motorcycle for that sense of freedom, for its agility, and for its ability to explore places no car has ever gone—because they just can’t.
This is the other side of me.

Dirt bike Rental Dubai, motocross adventures

I always look forward to those daily, weekend escapes to the countryside Dirt bike Dubai. My garage is like a showcase for this particular game. You can find motorcycle gear, and motorcycle Dirt bike Rental Dubai accessories, two of which are helmets. For highway drives, I wear an open-face helmet. I don’t want to lose the full feeling I get with the wind blowing on my face (besides motorcycle goggles or the occasional bug hitting my face).

Importance of Dirt bike helmet

In fact, if not for the safety measures, I would love to ride Dirt bike Dubai without a helmet to fully immerse myself in the joy of the wind blowing over my face and hair. It’s really liberating. But Dirt bike rental riding without a helmet, even just one of those cheap motorcycle helmets is like doing Seppuku. No professional motorcyclist in his right mind would do that.

I change into my motorcycle helmet. I would always prefer an open-face helmet but riding motocross motorbike rental Dubai through the woods more than triples one’s chances of an accident. You don’t want twigs or branches to hit you in the face, or your face to catch your fall from a rock or tree. Dirt bike Dubai.

My favorite Desert of Dirt bike place is in Dubai, UAE.

Desert For endless sand, dunes, Dubai Red sand in Lehbab, Nazwa, and non-stop action are my favorite because it’s the closest state to where Mostly people live in Marina they can easily get Dirt bike rental in Dubai. However, I only get to go there when in a caravan with other riders (free trailer rides, and good company). I sometimes get lucky when I see open pits or deserted large construction areas. These sites are the closest to your sand and gravel stunt practice.

Motorbike Rental Dubai, Favorite activity.

Rolling Flatlands. This is one of my favorite Motorbike rental Dubai bases. I love these areas for the breeze, the swaying grass, and the wonderful streets. What I love most about Flatlands is the late afternoon. The panorama is breathtaking. Being a city rat like me, it was only in these areas that I could see and appreciate the vastness and beauty of the sky. The colors are just like dreams, especially at dusk. A cup of coffee goes well with this arrangement at Dirt bike Dubai.


Difficult Paths of Dirt bike Dubai

These areas provide a lot of surprises. More difficult exercises and you can ride Dirt bike Dubai for hours and not get to the same spot. Creeks or streams or dry riverbeds are my favorites. The opportunity to take a dip in the river whenever possible, either to bathe or wash your motorcycle, is a bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

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No, Driving license is not required for Dirt bike, ATV or Dune Buggy riding.

Name, Email, Passport or Emirates ID are require for Booking.

Age requirements 18+ years.

We accept all payments methods. But if you pay by card extra VAT will apply.

 140-150km/hour in Desert.